Brazilian Blow-Dry F&Q

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Q: What is unique about the Nanokeratin System treatment, how is it different than other hair repair systems?

A: The Nanokeratin straightening system blow-dry,  is a revolutionary hair repair system.  The system utilizes nano-molecular keratin, whose particles are so miniscule that millions of them can be gathered onto a pin head! The Nanokeratin particles are deposited and locked deep within the damaged hair, sealing it naturally, to repair hair and restore it to health. Other types of treatment utilize molecules that are so large that they are unable to penetrate the strands of hair. But the miniscule Nanokeratin molecules penetrate deep within each strand, ensuring the treatment’s long lasting results.

Q: How long will the straightening last?

A:Up to 100 Days on average.

Q: Can the Nanokeratin System treatment be used after coloring?

A: Yes, for best results it is recommended to use the treatment immediately after coloring or lightening your hair.

Q: Can the treatment be used on highlighted hair?

A: Yes, the Nanokeratin treatment may be done immediately following highlighting.

Q: Can Nanokeratin System be used on hair that has gone through Japanese straightening?

A: Yes, Nanokeratin can be used on hair after any type of straightening.

Q: Can Nanokeratin treatment be used on children?

A: Yes, but only from age 10 and up.

Q: Can hair be colored after using the Nanokeratin treatment system?

A: Yes, but it is recommended to wait at least two weeks after the treatment before coloring.

Q: Can I shampoo my hair after the treatment and if so, how long should I wait?

A: Yes, but wait four full days after the treatment before shampooing.

Q: Can hair be pulled back with a band or ribbon? A: Yes, but wait four days after the treatment before doing so.

Q: What should I do if my hair gets wet within the first four days after the Nanokeratin treatment?

A: Dry your hair with a titanium surfaced hair straightener.

Q: Can I swim in a pool or the sea after the Nanokeratin System treatment?

 A: Yes, but wait four full days after the treatment before doing so.

Q: Is it expensive to have Nanokeratin blow-dry treatment?

A: It can cost on average between £200 – £250 in London, However Belli Hair Extensions offer Our clients exceptional rates from only £100 for Spring & Summer 2017.


 Nanokeratin Sytem blow-dry After-Care

Q: What shampoo should I use after the treatment? A: We recommend Nanokeratin Hair Power shampoo, as it does not contain chloric sodium. It does contain, however, keratin RSF and protects against harmful sun rays.

Q: For my next Nanokeratin System treatment, is a touch-up enough, or do I have to perform the process on my whole head? A: The process should be performed on your whole head.

 Q: When should the treatment be repeated? A: Treatment should be repeated every six months, or as needed.

Q: Should hair be trimmed prior to using the Nanokeratin System? A: No, we recommend trimming your hair after treatment, in order to remove split ends.

Q: Can hair spray, gel, mousse, or other hair care products be used after the Nanokeratin System treatment? A: These products should absolutely NOT be used during the four days following the treatment, as they might adversely affect the effectiveness of the treatment.

 Q: What should I do if my hair becomes wavy during the night or during the four days immediately following the treatment? A: Use a blow dryer or a titanium straightener to straighten the waves.

Q: What hair mask may be used after the Nanokeratin System hair therapy straightening? A: Following the straightening, the Nanokeratin Hair Power mask is recommended.

Q: Is it possible to perform Nanokeratin System hair therapy straightening on hair that has been chemically treated? A: Yes, it may be used on hair that has gone through any type of chemical treatment.

Q: What types of complimentary treatments may be used following Nanokeratin System hair therapy straightening? A: After the straightening we recommend treatment with Nanokeratin Spa Dipping.

Q: Is the system appropriate for all hair types? A: Yes, but the system is especially effective for damaged or coarse hair, such as bleached, colored or lightened hair, hair extensions made from natural hair or sun damaged hair.

Q: How effective is Nanokeratin System hair therapy straightening? A: The system is 100% effective at straightening and repairing damaged hair up to 100 Days

Q: How long does the Nanokeratin System treatment and hair repair take? A: The system treatment and hair repair take approximately 40 minutes for short hair and 90 minutes for long hair.