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Do I need Hair Extensions?

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The question “Do I need Hair Extensions?” is a common hair query amongst women these days. They will try diverse styles and try to find the best way that enhances their natural assets however as us women know all to well a hair colour venture gone wrong or a bad hair cut can destroy our glorioues locks and in particular for women past their twenties the re-growth phase seems to take forever.

In London there are many salons and mobile extension technicians offering extensions services so it can seem over whelming to choose between different options, also numerous extension methods are available for your choice, this can be daunting and an expensive quest if one makes the wrong choice.

A good salon can offer a USP, a unique quality and added value with their extensions. Belli hair extensions will offer you several color options, various lengths and textures. Most importantly not 1 hair type but 3 yet its simple the lowest cost hair lasts the least length of time and the highest the maximum; this makes it easy to cater to your disposable income or budget at any given time. Belli salon also offers a full hair colouring service combined with inclusive in the initial coast cutting, styling and free after care maintenance appointments half way through your hair extensions lifespan.

Belli’s clients are provided with style options to suit for all occasions – weddings, parties or graduations. We also offer on site photo shoot styling services for models or fashion shows. As celebrities high demand consumers of the top quality extensions we see the beauty advantages of longer length or increased volume in magazines each week and the undeniable compliment to a females physical image. As adding simply a few inches can make the huge difference and make most look simply stunning.

The different methods can enhance most hair types from thin to thick, dark to blonde or red siren, there is no such thing as impossible when it comes to hair extensions. Females suffering with the issues with hair loss can still get their extensions done, however we just use lighter strands and smaller more undetectable links or bonds. The question “Do I Need Hair Extensions?” is more prevalent among women nowadays as more and more women can afford quality hair extensions.

Belli offers different types of extensions to suit different types of hair styles and color. They range from the our budget European hair lasting 3 months to the most expensive Russian Hair which can last over 12 months + if you find yourself still asking yourself “Do I need Hair Extensions?”
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Women with short or medium length hair can have any hair extensions technique done but some of the methods will not suit very thin or short hair; but do not worry we have a variety of options. You should seek professional insight by researching the options for thin or very short hair before booking your application session to ease any anxiety you may initially feel.

  1. What to look out for in the mainstream markets such regarding hair quality :
    Processed Human Hair – chemically and mechanically treated to look better but it is Cheap and not long lasting.
  2. Unprocessed Natural Hair – of medium quality. Not processed and with intact cuticle. Priced to be accessible, can last for few months.
  3. Natural Hair – Top quality, sourced from healthy heads of untreated hair. The most expensive but can last for more than one year such as with untreated Russian hair as used by Belli in our luxury range.

Last but far from least don’t forget good After Care will help you keep your extensions in tip top condition and look sheik and healthy for a very long time.